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    Babylon search help


      Babylon search takes over my chrome homepage somehow. I did not even install anything recently, but i saw babylon search toolbar is listed in my laptop program center.

      I tried to uninstall it, no luck, Babylon search still can not removed.

      So any idea to remove it completely? i don't want it appear again

      BTW, i also ask this on yahoo answers, someone give me a removal guide link, it's dangerous link removed - Moderator

      But it requires to download sth, so can someone know whether it is reliable?

      Please help



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          Peter M

          Check here:  https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-4345 or check the last link in my signature below for AdwCleaner and Junkware Removal Tool.


          That link you were given appears to be dangerous - do NOT use it.   The best places to ask for help with this sort of thing are ones such as BleepingComputer Forums and the like.


          There's a list of suggestions also shown in that last link below.






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            I am from the support team at Babylon company. I saw your post about Babylon, and we would like to help you get it sorted out.
            Babylon Search and Toolbar are meant to be apart of an integrated set of tools that help people understand and exploretheir world. Sometimes though, other manufacturers package our tools with theirfree programs and people end up unexpectedly receiving our software. We aresorry if this is the case with you and we would be happy to help you remove anypart you may not want. Click here for easy removal instructions:
            http://www.babylon.com/uninstall_search/index, or contact me at help@babylon.com for more information.


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