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    Antivirus scan : rootkit appears several times



      When I scan my computer, the scan shows several times that the file "rootkit" is being scanned, then there is the name of another file and then rootkit again, and so on a lot of times. Is there a problem I should be worried of ?


      Thank you for your patience.

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          Do not worry it should read Scanning for rootkits we mods notified Mcafee a week back that the wording needs fixing. Mcafee changed it in 12.8


          we are still performing rootkit scan, this is the same text that has always appeared when we did rootkit scans before, it’s just that the user sees it more frequently now.


          "The reason for frequent appearing of this text is that rootkit scanning can take some time.  Without updating the UI that we are still scanning for rootkits (in between finishing file and registry scans) it appears to the user as though the scan has hung. The change to make this test more visible was made in 12.8 in response to a bug in which someone thought it was taking 10+ minutes to scan a small files."

          So relax It does not mean you have to panic.

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            I've found this morning that our scan was supposed to start at 1:00 AM this morning and as of 7:00 AM it was 51% complete scanning 'rootkit'.  It was been on this status for two hours now and has not changed.  Needless to say we are seeing performance issues while this scan is running. I can't seem to pause or cancel the scan.  This is a Windows 7 64-bit machine.  Any advice is welcome.  Thanks.

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              Does it show up a file when you hover the mouse over the scanning area? If so what is the file path and name.I would then cancel the scan if cancelk fails as I assume it did try stopping the on access scanner program via the end task option in the task manager (ctl+alt+del). Reboot and do a scan of the folder manually and seee what happens.