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    16000 ICAP client filter error- No ICAP server Available




      We have a DLP setup where we use a webgateway for the sole purpose of forwarding traffic to the NDLP via ICAP. The Webgateway is in transparent mode. This setup has been working for sometime and recently the users complained that they get an error saying "rule engine error - 16000 ICAP client filter error- No ICAP server Available". So I added a rule to stop the ruleset when any error ids for icap comes.

      Next I tested using a PC and had a tcpdump on the webgateway with the filter -npi any -s0 host or port 1344

      the test pc is and the mwg and ndlp have and ips respectively.


      sites such as google.com, yahoo.com cannot be accessed (get the icap error). but i can access pastebin.com and a few more sites. but if I try to post something on pastebin then i get the icap error.


      from what I see is the webgateway doesn't seem to forward any content to the NDLP.


      I would appreciate if anyone could help me to figure out what is going on since this started happening all of a sudden.


      I have attached the pcap and the screenshots of the rule base.




      Thankx in advance.





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