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    McAfee Agent issue Dell Latitude 10 ST2


      Afternoon all,


      I am experiencing a few issues getting McAfee EndPoint Encryption to work on a new Latitude ST2 device (running Windows 8).

      I have installed the latest agent (v4.8.0.887) along with the latest endpoint encryption agent (v7.0.2.396) and endpoint encryption for PC (v7.0.2.396).


      I can communicate to the device from ePo no problem and the Colelct and Send Props etc all work fine.  However, within ePo, it shows the system status as unknown.


      Looking at the EndPoint Encryption Status on the device, it shows "An error has occurred" with "No Volume Information".


      I've checked the MfeEpe.log file and this shows 2 errors:

      Failed to reapply automatic booting policy on starting system: [0x040008] Driver error AND

      Error starting: [0x000007] Invalid UEFI architecture


      I've update the BIOS and chipset driver on the device but cannot get it to report it's status abck to ePo.


      Any ideas?