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    Thunderbird is slow slow slow


      Mcafee Total Protection (12.8)
      Win 7
      Thunderbird 3.0.11


      I keep getting the 'busy' icon when switching from email to email, changing status of an email, or other functions while running Thunderbird, making the program useless.
      When I turn off McAfee, Thunderbird works normally..


      Help pages from Mozilla seem dated, and offer no solutions.



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          Peter M

          This has been a problem in the past but was supposed to have been fixed in version 12.1.353 and upwards.


          One reason for email client slowness could be if you are in the habit of storing emails in your Inbox, rather than creating sub-folders for storage.   The antivirus part of your software will constantly scan the Inbox.


          At the moment all I can suggest is to contact Technical Support and have them investigate.  It's free by phone or online chat and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.


          Before going there make sure your system is totally up to date, including Internet Explorer even if you never use it (McAfee does) and make sure you have no malware.   See the last link in my signature below for hints.





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            Well, I am a 'wierd' email user.


            First, I preview all emails online before downloading.  I use satellite internet.  Bandwith is limited, so I save where I can and delete spam/unwanted emails before downloading.

            Second, I love TBird subfolders.  Email files span a 10 year history as many I need to keep for business history.


            Question:  What is the inbox number Mcafee might consider excessive?  1K?  10K? 100K?


            FInally got to chat w IT today.  They tried by interface to do everything I have done (enable this/disable that) and a hat tip to CS for the attempt.  Nothing worked..


            Conclusion:  Uninstall and do a re-install.  At least CS sent me a detailed email DIY (another hat tip).


            What a pita.  I dumped Notron (they are no better) to invest in ANOTHER hour downtime upgrade.


            I'll get back into the thread in a couble of days when I have the time (and bandwith) to do the 'upgrade'.

            Oh how I hate the learning curve of new software.

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              Peter M

              I have no idea what McAfee would consider excessive.    All I know is that anything in the Inbox is constantly scanned.


              By CS I assume you mean TS - Tech Support?   Try them again and this time ask for escalation.

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                Indeed.  CS customer support = TS Technical support.  I will escillate when I have the time after following the suggstion after the 1hr uninstall/install latest email notification.

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                  Peter M

                  OK, good luck.

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                    Marked as assumed answered though TB issues re slowness are still there. If you are still having issues make a new thread and call support as they need call volume to start stirring the developers