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    multiple user receiving alias authentication emails


      I have a user that created an alias email address. Based on the statement below he should have received this email but no one else. The problem is that multiple users in the organization are receiving the same email. The person who created the alias is in the customer admin role while others a in the users role. Any help would be appreciated.

      Thanks ~ Joe



      "An authorization email is sent to the added alias email address. The email contains a hyperlink, I authorize this request,

      that you must click to authorize the use of the alias email address. This step confirms that you have the right to change the

      email address to be associated as an alias to your primary email address."

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          Brad McGarr

          Hi Jtrainor,


          It depends on who is configured to receive messages at that address on the SMTP server. The Authorization is sent to the alias address being added, not to the primary account. If the alias address is a distribution list, for example, this could cause multple people to receive the authorization.


          Customer Administrators would be recommended to not add aliases to themselves under the My Account tab, as they have the authority to add aliases without requesting authorization by managing aliases under Account Management > Users, and editing the appropriate primary user account.

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            I'm trying to get out in front of this issue as well.


            To clarify...


            If you add an alias to a user account via the Account Management tab, an authorization isn't sent?  I really don' t want any authorization or welcome messages going to my distribution lists when I set this up.



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              Brad McGarr



              As long as a Customer Administrator or higher account is making the change, no authorization emails are sent. It is only when a user of any role adds an alias under the My Account tab.