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    DLP remove from pc


      Hi guys,


      Stupid question.. while back i installed DLP on one machine and not sure how to go about removing it from this machine? Initially i assigned it to a group but can't see the install policy? Please help!

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          It's not a policy but a client task assigned either to a group and an individual computer.


          1. Select the computer in the system tree

          2. From the Action button Agent -> Modify Tasks on a Single system

          3. From the Action Button select 'New Client Task Assignment'

          4. Select 'McAfee Agent', then 'Product Deployment', then select 'Create New Task'

          5.From the 'Products and Components' drop down select DLP and from the Action drop down select remove

          6. Save your task and continue through the task assignment wizard

          7. Send a wake up to the cleint

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            of course.. thanks tristan! i just went blank for few minutes there.