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    Full Access unchangeable


      McAfee recommends the Fire wall program setting should be "Outgoing".  Why are programs by default given full access?  Why does windows have full acess and it is not changeable?


      Why does upgrades change all the customer setting?  I have never seen any application that (1) opens a customers computer up to full access to Microsoft the most hacked application in the world, (2)

      prevents customers from controlling the application subscription they are paying good money to use, (3) Quick Clean does not work - run clean log off the temporary that is said it delete still show and even if

      it says it deletes the files it does not.


      This is my last year of subscribing to McAfee they are in bed with Microsoft and a number of other large companies .. a company cannot have protect its customers when it has relationship with companies and or the government to allow unauthorized access.

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          Peter M

          The settings are what they are to enable smooth running of your system.  If you don't like them you can alter them to stealth or even lockdown if you wish.  Some Microsoft processes' access is dictated by Microsoft hence it is unalterable - it's their operating system so they make the rules in some cases.    If other parts of the software do not work try running the Virtual Technician: http://mvt.mcafee.com/ and if that doesn't work, try uninstalling as per THIS FAQ. Of course Technical Support is free of charge if you need them but from what you've said in your other posts you appear to have an aversion to their ethnicity.   Support is in India to save costs as explained in one of your other threads.  I agree, it would be nice if all support was locally provided but that's the way it is for many companies in today's world economy.

          As far as being in bed with Microsoft is concerned, well a certain amount of cooperation between companies is inevitable and necessary in this case as they make the operating systems after all.   The same goes for Apple and Google for Android when using the software available for those devices.

          You mention government access, well that is dictated by the U.S. government, and software makers, in the US at least, have had to cooperate.   I doubt that it was willingly.   The access has to be authorised in that case.  

          As all your posts so far have been rants and in certain parts haven't made much sense, I think it's time to read the Terms of Service.   These forums are mostly peer-to-peer support so please don't give us a hard time, or else we'll have to terminate your access.

          By all means try other brands, but I'm sure you'll find them much the same.
























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