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    McAfee Firewall Constantly Shutting Down and Functioning Improperly-Needs Help Soon


      Hello! I'm having a serious issue with my McAfee Firewall, which seems to have occured to several other users. My Firewall keeps turning off, no matter how many times I'm "turning" it on. It turns off almost immediately. I've never had any problems such as this prior to when they began, about 4 days ago. I'm not very good with computers, and I will be leaving soon to go to a school where having a functioning laptop is a must. I'm anxious something will happen to my personal files, and this needs to be solved quickly before the term starts.


      I've just turned the Firewall back on, but in a few minutes it will surely turn off once more.


      As you can see, it says my computer is "secure" but the firewall has been switched off. If you try to turn it on, it will work for about 2 seconds, then turn itself off once more. I have tried checking other threads for information, but what I have tried has not helped. If you need more information to solve the problem, I would be glad to provide it! I just need to solve this quickly and efficiently.


                Thank You In Advance,



      on 08/09/13 7:37:08 EDT AM