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      McAfee GetSusp Scan Results: Assumed dirty 2 and 4 and Trojan. Called customer service but don't have money to pay the removal fee (Unemployed). Please help!!!!!!

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          ASSUMED_DIRTY4 file name 54976a13-4d21b3c5

          TROJAN file name 5cb26a85-438d2794

          ASSUMED_DIRTY2 file name imnaimjdik.dll

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            If GetSusp has found a Trojan and knows it's a Trojan then a McAfee scan should remove it. Make sure you've got the latest updates from McAfee, then run a full scan.


            As for the other two files, they're only probably malicious. The first one looks definitely not right, so you could delete it. The second one is less certain, perhaps 60% probably bad. If in doubt, just rename the file - replace the ".dll" with ".suspect" or something.


            There are all sorts of scanning and cleanup programs you can run but that's a start.

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              Couple thoughts I will add as well. When you ran getsusp did you add your email address to teh program preferences? If so Mcafee should email you back with the results of your detection.


              Where were the files found If in temp both windows and browser folders clean these out using the windows disk cleanup tool.


              Do a scan with the following

              McAfee Communities: Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools