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    EETech INF install for ADK/WinPE


      I have created an INF file that will allow the install of EETech through ADK's add-driver function. It places the files provided by McAfee  in the required locations and creates the registry keys needed, as described in KB77165, for software based encryption.


      Place the .inf file in a folder with the 64bit and 32 bit files, provided for EETech for 7.0, in folders named Win64 and Win32, respectively.


      Then create and mount your WinPE image.


      For 32-bit installs use dism /image:<mount directory> /add-driver /driver:<path to inf>\EETechPE4.inf

      For 64-bit installs use dism /image:<mount directory> /add-driver /driver:<path to inf>\EETechPE4.inf /forceunsigned



      Any questions, feel free to ask.


      EDIT: Updated .INF file, because the theme folder was accidentally named themes


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