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    NSM is down, what happen ???

    Tuan Doan

      I have read Mcafee document about Network Security Platform but i don't see what happen if NSM is down, that mean server is off or cannot receive any packet from Sensor.??? Sothat, in that time, until NSM is up again, we could get alert & information, what happen with the event & log in the time when NSM down ? Does Sensor stroge alert ? How long it store alert ? How to view this alert ?


      Please help me answer this situation, ,my customer have shutdown NSM sever for one day, now i don't know how.

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          The sensor will store the alert and packet log info in the event the manager is not available.  The sensor will continue to process traffic as it normally would.


          Here is an entry from the CLI guide and  KB that is in the process of being updated for the newer model info:

          show savedalertinfo

          In the event that connectivity between the Sensor and the Manager is interrupted, the Sensor saves

          alert data internally. This data is sent to the Manager when connectivity is re-established and the

          internal information is deleted. This command shows the number of alerts and packet logs that have

          been saved within the Sensor.


          Information displayed by the show savedalertinfo command includes:

          • Whether a file of saved alerts exists (if connectivity between Sensor and Manager is currently

          established, no file will exist)

          • Number of saved alerts and their size

          • Whether a file of saved packet logs exists

          • Number of saved packet logs and their size

          This command has no parameters.



          show savedalertinfo