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    List of issues - any help would be appreciated


      We are currently deploying 9.2 patch 2 in our environment and we are seeing lots of issues. Below is a list of them:


      Hardware  basedMachine  was too slow to run DLPE and if it ran DLPE, CPU would spike to above 50% and  stay there for 10 minutes or longer; the machines did meet minimum system  requirements. The  machines that were production units need to be quick and cannot handle a 50% spike  from another process because these stands may be used to take measurements  for a part and the machine being off by seconds may result in a failed test.  If the part fails the test, then we cannot ship the product.
      High CPU  UsageSome  machines experience high CPU usage where the CPU utilization will be at or  above 25%. (This may occur in Bypass mode.) Scanning of applications helps  these machines for a little while, but the problem will come back later in  the day; could be after 4 hours of work or later in the day. Visual Studio  and concurrent new software installs may create this issue. Visual Studio  issue occurred a month after the initial DLPE deployment.
      Latency on  file OpenOpening  a ".pl" file locally and over a network share takes a long time.  Put machine in bypass mode, but didn’t help. Reduced rules to USB only and  machine got better. PL files have been added to tagging rules as an  exclusion, but this didn’t help. I also disabled tagging rules altogether and  this still didn’t help the machine. I tried disabling Printer and Application  Add-ins and when I did this the first open of the ".pl" file  was slow, but subsequent opens were fast. When the member killed explorer.exe  and redid everything it was slow on the first open and fast on the next few.  Disabling network drivers in the modules menu under agent configuration  produced the same results. The machine also operates fine under "Device  control and content aware removable storage protection (Without tag  support)".
      IE crashingInternet  Explorer keeps crashing, the machine freezes. DLPE was removed from the  system and the machine's IE did not crash anymore. DLPE debug logging was  turned off to make the machine not dump any data when IE crashed as it was  believed that IE would crash due to DLPE dumping a log in the background for  various OTHER crashes; this did not help the system. (fcag.exe would never  spike) Other applications would work fine. This would happen later in the day  and next day in the morning; this issue occurs on systems that have IE 8  installed. Uninstalling and reinstall solved this issue, but other machines still see it.