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    ePo Agent 4.8 - Linux Communication


      I have pushed ePo installation of McAfee Agent to a Red Hat Linux machine, which has installed Agent correctly as I can see all the installed files and the log shows communication between the agent and the server.


      However in ePo the system shows as unmanaged, I have followed the attached guide which has steps to amend this however even after this the system state still shows as unmanaged and Agent Wake Up always fails being unable to contact the machine.


      https://kc.mcafee.com/resources/sites/MCAFEE/content/live/PRODUCT_DOCUMENTATION/ 24000/PD24333/en_US/MA_480_ProductGuide.pdf



      2013-09-06 06:10:27 [26274]     [Agent]  [I] Agent is connecting to ePO server

      2013-09-06 06:10:27 [26274]    [imutils] [I] Trying with site: ***.***.***.***:85

      2013-09-06 06:10:27 [26274]     [naInet] [I] HTTP Session initialized

      2013-09-06 06:10:27 [26274]     [imsite] [I]    Upload from: /opt/McAfee/cma/scratch/Unpack/pkgFriSep60510272013_1591827307.spkg

      2013-09-06 06:10:27 [26274]     [imsite] [I]    Upload response target: /opt/McAfee/cma/scratch/Unpack/pkgFriSep60510272013_1161189968.spkg

      2013-09-06 06:10:27 [26274]     [imsite] [I] NaInet library returned code == 13

      2013-09-06 06:10:27 [26274]     [naInet] [I] HTTP Session closed

      2013-09-06 06:10:27 [26274]     [Agent]  [I] No package received from ePO server

      2013-09-06 06:10:27 [26274]     [Agent]  [I] Agent server communication session over