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    False Positive.


      For some reason our email our being blocked by users of MX logic but our IP address is listed as good sender. Could someone please explain this?



      I've emailed McAfee and filled in forms online, which come back as resolved but emails still do not work. This is getting very fustrating.

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          Unfortunately, answering that question will be rather difficult.  In order to clarify there, it would be necessary to know more about the information being seen by MXLogic. I would recommend contacting the admins for the organization to which you are attempting to send mail and having them contact us with information about the message you are sending.  With that, we may be able to identify the cause and resolve it.

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            I am having similar issues, but the Threat Intellegence marks us as minimal risks.


            Which admins should contact you? From my ESP?

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              I read his post as admins of the organisation that is using MX Logic that is appearing to block your email.

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                Actually destination domain have blocked external domain or public domainmail in there side there is no problem in your mail

                Problem is yourdomain ip (gmail.com) falling in Authentication \RBL in  mxlogic.net socontact to destination domain mxlogic problem in there side not yours .


                Because we havealso blocked public domain mail for our domain.