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    VSE 8.8 Patch 4 - coming soon...


      Hi Everyone,


      We'll be releasing Patch 4 soon; by "soon" I mean our managed release will begin this month, and that means the general availability release - when you'll be able to download it - will be next month.

      There are some items to be aware of with Patch 4 that I wanted to begin soaking "early" into the field's mindset...



      i.  Patch 4 will not install on top of the original "release to world" version of VSE 8.8

      In other words, if you haven't patched the installation then you won't be able to patch it with Patch 4. Those using the unpatched 8.8 release may have to apply a patch (e.g. Patch 1) and then Patch 4, or, uninstall and reinstall the repost version that includes Patch 4.


      ii. The full install package (when we repost the installation files so that they include Patch 4) will include the 5600 Engine.


      iii. Patch 4 includes previous hotfixes that have been released, i.e. those that exist post Patch 2 (Patch 3 didn't have any hotfixes).


      iv. Patch 4 addresses a number of business impacting issues. It'll be rated "High Priority" at least. These issue are varied, including BSODs, McShield crashes, resource leaks from unexpected scenarios, and system instability (tied to the McShield crashes actually).

      Wherever business continuity is a concern, you'll want to install Patch 4.


      v. Something not Patch 4 related but it's worth mentioning since Patch 4 contributes to the "problem"...

      Environments that install VirusScan and then Patch VirusScan, and/or add Hotfixes to VirusScan, and who DO NOT REBOOT afterwards, are at a growing risk of encountering a BSOD from Stack Exhaustion. It's not our fault, not exactly - we simply didn't expect environments would make 3 or 5 upgrades to our kernel components and NEVER reboot. We allow for it to happen, so that's our fault. And it's technically feasible to do it - a feat not many vendors can claim, that we can update kernel level code without having to force an immediate reboot. However, the OS can only handle doing this so many times before a code execution path exhausts the the Stack of a thread. Therefore I implore you, after patching or hotfixing our kernel drivers, please plan a maintenance window to reboot the box.  A reboot is not required, but if you do not, and you install 'x' number of Patch/Hotfix releases and STILL NO REBOOT, then you will eventually be FORCED to reboot because the system will crash!  Then of course, you don't have to reboot , the BSOD satisfies any need for reboot - you might appreciate it better if it was planned.


      vi. Patch 4's ePO extension adds the ability to query what Hotfixes are installed on clients. Be sure to set the conditions as "contains" rather than "equals", because the field we are querying might contain multiple Hotfix values and the "equals" does exact comparisons.


      vii. Patch 4's ePO extension adds the ability to query the status of the On-Access Scanner. That means if it shows "bEnabled=0" or "disabled" then there's some kind of problem on the client.


      viii. Oh yeah, Patch 4 is for ALL supported Windows platforms. HURRAH!


      ix. Patch 4 is our officially supported release for Windows 8.1 or Server 2012 R2.


      x. Just because I wanted to list 10 things... Patch 5 can be expected about 6 months after Patch 4 is released.



      I'm sure there are questions.

      This thread might get lengthy and wordy if I tried to respond to them all separately. So, I'll wait for some questions to accumulate then try to answer them here or I may use them as fodder for an FAQ elsewhere.

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          Morning William,


          Just a couple of things which comes to my mind


          As you said you can not patch an instalation without any patch and you need to patch with any patch or uninstall. Why is that? I know that is not good to have the product without any patch but we should try to make our customer's life a bit easier as if we deal with a big customer (high number of machines) this process is not trivial


          The second thing is, at the moment in ePO we can have Patch 2 and P

          atch 3 in the repository. When check-in Patch 4, will overwrite both of the patches in the repository? Because this situation is something that is not normal, to have both of the patches in ePO and it was only done for Win 8 and Win 2012, it would be nice if this scenario has been tested


          Hope you doing well William and thanks for sharing the info.


          Can't wait for the patch





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            Since there's only a couple questions, I'll just respond here:


            The first, why we cannot patch the original release, is due to complications in our MSIInstaller code. They can't be worked around, unfortunately.

            The second, Patch 4 is expected to replace/overwrite the older patches, since it is applicable to all OS's we support.

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              Thanks William

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                Hi William,


                3 questions on patch 4


                1) you state "Patch 3 didn't have any hotfixes". What about Hotfix 820636 and Hotfix 838306? Are these included in patch 4?


                2) does patch 4 change some default settings when compared to patch 2 or patch 3? Will these be applied to fresh install only or will they also be pushed to updates?


                3) is patch 4 a bug fix only release or will it add new features?





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                  I suppose 820636 counts as a patch 3 hotfix , though it was originally intended for Patch 2 - we built it so it would work on Patch 1 and 3 also.

                  That code is in Patch 4.


                  Patch 4 doesn't change any default settings.


                  Patch 4 fixes bugs. One of the issues we fixed for McShield in particular is believed to have been manifesting itself in the field in a variety of ways, which is why I mentioned "iv" above. No new VSE features per se; I personally don't classify "new reports" or "new Windows 8.1 support" as new features but some people do.

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                    Thanks William.


                    If I understand correctly:


                    for 1) patch 4 will have all hotfixes available until today included plus new extensions  that superseed Hotfix 838306


                    for 2) patch 4 will not change anything against patch3 but will have some default settings changed as compared to patch 2 (the same ones as detailled in the patch 3 release notes)


                    for 3) patch 4 is a bug fix release for people upgrading on their current systems



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                      Hi, We've been experiencing and issue with 8.8 patch 2 since upgrdaing from 8.7 in that we seem to intermittenly get 'Down' sessions on our citrix desktop servers, IE will crash and you cannot launch explorer.exe. When running Process Viewer MCSHIELD.EXE is in a 'Suspended' state and you cannot restart it, in Services you cannot stop/start/restart it's greyed out, and in the VSE console it will not let you disable it.


                      Is this something other have experienced, will Patch 4 fix this issue ?



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                        Hey Wayne... you may want to start a separate thread if you haven't already so you can discuss that issue.  My initial assessment is "Yes" but perhaps you can fix it now without having to wait for Patch 4 - it sounds like you're missing Hotfix 778101; check the KB.




                        Regarding Patch 4 release date, it is undergoing an adjustment.

                        We suspect a mid-to-third week of October for our managed release (managed by Support); and therefore mid-November for the General Availability of the patch where it'll be posted to the Product download site.  For most of you it'll be the later date that you'll be interested in.

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                          Hi Willam


                          I've already applied hotfix 778101 and unfortunately this has not resolved my issue. I'm going to try and get an earlier realease as management want to revert the entire estate back to 8.7x which will be a pain as we've recently gone to ePO 5.0 which doesn;t manage 8.7 machines, I really don't want to revert epo back to 4.5.


                          It's a real pain because you can't run a MER as it just hangs when you get the issue, i'm wondering whether when IE crashes when mcshield  is somehow hanging onto something in the users profile?

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