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    Error in Admin Console - MFE 8.3.0


      I'm getting this error when trying to open Audit Managment


      MFE error.jpg

      Details Below


      Traceback (most recent call last):

        File "/usr/share/ac/lib/cobraTree.py", line 2834, in OnSelChanged

        File "/usr/share/ac/lib/cobraTree.py", line 1119, in OpenNewWindow

        File "/usr/share/ac/lib/cobraTree.py", line 1228, in OpenResourceFileWindow

        File "/usr/share/ac/lib/cobrabase.py", line 2375, in InitializeScreen

        File "/usr/share/ac/lib/cobrabase.py", line 2693, in SetDisplayData

        File "/usr/share/ac/80300/lib/COBRA_Export.py", line 250, in SetDisplayData

        File "/usr/share/ac/80300/lib/COBRA_Export.py", line 209, in SetCronDisplayData

      KeyError: 'export_cron'


      Tried cf daemond restart agent=auditbotd but didn't resolve the issue


      Anyone seen this error?