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    Advice new installation or migration ePO


      Hi guys,


      We got ePO 4.6.6. running on 2003 and I think its tim e to upgrade it to ePO 5 and also to migrate it to a new server with the correct requirements.

      I have read various articles here how to do this best, and my apologies in advance if I missed a similar question like this, but I need some advice.


      So if I understood correctly I got a few options;

      - Use the compabilty tool and export files to a migrate.zip and install the new ePO importing this file.

      - Install 4.6.6 on the other server and copy directories from the old to the new according to KB71078 and then do the upgrade.

      - Or install a secondairy server and connect them and migrate from one server to the other.


      I tried the compability tool, but when the compression starts it hangs on 0%, I found KB78519 article about this, but after the cleanup there are still more then 65.000 files and again hangs on 0%.


      So I rather then startover with a clean, new install of ePO, instead of copying all the files over in like in option 2.


      Is it easer to just install the latest ePO on the other server, new database, connect both like Peter Simmons described here:

      https://community.mcafee.com/people/petersimmons/blog/2012/09/19/connecting-two- epo-servers  

      and just move everthing over?




      Thanks in advance.





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          The discussion you reference fropm Peter assumes ePO of the same version on each machine, which is not your situation.

          If you need to import your ePO 4.6.6. data to ePO 5.0 you have to use the compatibility (migration) tool at some point, there is no other way as the 4.6.6 data is not in a format that ePO 5.0 can work with.


          if you can't get the migration tool to run then you have two options:


          1. Contact McAfee support to have that investigated.

          2. Build ePO 5.0 clean and set it up as if 'new' without migration.


          I'm sure you know this already, but ePO 5.0 required Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012 and uses Sql 2008 as a minumum.

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            Thanks! I just called support and they will help me set up a new ePO enviroment.