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    Browser unable to display webpage instead shows blank page


      Dear Team,



      We are using Mcafee webgateway 6.x. Now a days we are observing that the users are getting a blank page when trying to access internet.


      When looking into the logs we found memory overload messages. looking at this we have enabled the mutiprocessing mode. However still the problem arrives intermittently.


      We had created a tcpdump when the issue was reproduced. In the below screenshot we are able to see that when the three way handshake successfully happens between the client - and the proxy -, there is 503 service unavailable error return code from the proxy. Then there is a request from the client to proxy for cisco.com, which fails to load and the user gets and blank page.


      I have attached the pcap file if anyone wish to look further in the capture.


      An immediate reply would be appreciated.