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    Time quota best practice

    Aina Mirija

      Hi there,


      We start using Webgateway 7.3 , and I want to know what is the best way to impose quota without having user to validate a new session every 2 minutes.


      What we want is to allow users use web 2 hours/day and display only the session request at the begining.

      I try to configure time session = 2hours and time quota per day = 2 hours and result is that user asked to validate session, but blocked after 2 ours even if they used the web only a few minutes.


      How I can achieve this?






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          Aina Mirija

          Seems MWG dont close session until time_session exceeded, even if browser is closed.

          So your time session is 30mn, and you browse the web only 5mn, when you get back one hour later your quota has reduced by 30mn!


          is this normal behaviour?


          Mirija RAKOTOMALALA


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            the HTTP protocol does not provide any kind of information about "how long" a web site was visited. Therefore MWG does not notice when a user leaves a web site, so when the session length is set to 30 minutes and you accept the quota warning, 30 minutes will be deducted from your quota. MWG does not notice when a user leaves a website.




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              Aina Mirija

              thanks for your reply,


              So is it there a workaround, or a way like to "timeout" the session when there is no traffic, and stop the timesession countdown?