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    MOVE AV Offline Scan Server deployment


      We have a single cluster environment and will eventually be deploying VDI to 1500+ users. I am concerned about the potential network traffic generated by MOVE AV to the offline scan servers. I am aware that it is recommended to have the OSS's on the same hypervisor as the workstations it is servicing but don't know how best to achieve this.


      My question is, what is the best way to dynamically assign a scan server to workstations since a workstation can potentially move between hypervisors?


      At the moment I have used tagging so that workstations 1 to 119 go to OSS1 which is on hypervisor A. But if one of these workstations is brought up on hypervisor B, the offline scan traffic is now having to travel between hypervisors.


      We are expecting to run 120 workstations per hypervisor and have at least 1 OSS on each hypervisor but maybe another for resiliency.