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    Software/DLP automatic deployment.

      Hi there,


      I have set up 2 folders in the system tree with "assigned client tasks" 1. this deploys DLP on systems start up 2. Deploys DLP, VSE or Agent on system start up.


      Now, I have placed some systems in each of the folders to test them. The next day I checked and it does not seem to have worked (as all systems have not updated).

      When I have checked the Audit Log or the Server Task Log I cannot seem to find anything. There is no failed, success or no products need updating messages etc. Basically I cannot find if the tasks have failed or not executed at all.


      Has anyone got any ideas of where I can check this or what I can do?


      ePO 4.6

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          DLP activation requires a reboot during the install and then calls the task after reboot to finish up, do the machines autoreboot in their agent policy or are you waiting on users?



          you  could..

          pick a machine in epo and choose to look at its client events from the agent context menus

          In EPO You want to look for client event 2412 which is a failed deployment, create some reports to look for this generally

          Check the McAfee agent logs on the endpoints looking for failed actions

          Check the appropriate times in the windows logs for MSI actions and failures and you may also see systems waiting on reboot