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    IE only loading on a refresh or when hitting enter


      Hi all,

      We are having this strange issue affect multiple PCs (seemingly randomly) in our network. The PCs are all XP and IE8, using Mcafee VSE 8.8, with an EPO server. All up to date.


      The issue is bascially, open up IE.. page sits there with white background, saying "Connecting" but not loading homepage. If you click in the address bar and hit enter, the page loads instantly, if you refresh, it loads instantly, if you hit home, it loads instantly.

      The same issue also carrys other symptoms, such as other applications which need to do a web/network call fail to do this, although these apps are custom so no point dicussing them here.


      I'm not sure if this is a Mcafee issue, have searched and asked support extensively but found no real similarities. I thought i would ask the community if they recognise any of these symptons being related to a Mcafee product.


      Have tried all usual PC troubleshooting, and when we run wireshark when IE is "connecting" literally nothing happens...


      Any help much appreciated,

      Thank you