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    Virus "Mozilla.vbs"

      Goog afternoon,


      I need help on a virus called Moxilla.vbs, I have installed on the computers of the company Mcaffe Virus Scan enterprise, the virus moves into the USB memory creates shortcuts and hide files, file are listed attachment containing the virus code.



      Necesito ayuda sobre un virus llamado Moxilla.vbs, tengo instalado en los equipos de la empresa el Mcaffe Virus Scan enterprise, el virus se aloja en las memorias usb y que crea accesos directos ocultando los archivos, adjunto archvo que contiene el codigo del virus.



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            You can protect yourself if you use access protection.


            Under the category Common Maximum Protection: check Prevent programs registering to autorun.


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              The file you have attached to your post is malware and so it will be removed.


              Please submit the file to McAfee Labs for analysis - information how to do that is HERE.


              The vbs file is detected as malicious by 20 out of 47 vendors according to VirusTotal (report HERE).


              Microsoft detects it as Worm:VBS/Dunihu.U but has no technical information available for it.


              According to the VirusTotal analysis McAfee does not yet detect this. It is similar to one already known to McAfee, "VBS/Autorun.worm.aadd".


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