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    Deploying Management agent to Mac (via ePO)




      I'm trying to deploy the management agent for Mac to Mac clients without succesProductGuide inst


      I follow the instructions for MA 4.6 & 4.8 but I think the described instructions are incorrect.


      Install on UNIX-based and Macintosh operating systems from ePolicy Orchestrator

      Installing agents on your Macintosh or Red Hat Linux systems is a quick way to modify and manage a

      number of systems simultaneously.


      For option definitions, click ? in the interface.

      1 Click Menu | Systems | System Tree, then select the groups or systems where you want to deploy the agent.

      2 Click Actions | Agent | Deploy Agents.

      3 Select the appropriate Agent version drop‑down list given the target operating system, and select an agent version from that list.

      You can only install one version of the agent onto one type of operating system with this task. If you need to install on multiple operating systems or versions, repeat this task for each additional target operating system or version.

      4 Select Install only on systems that do not already have an agent managed by this ePO server.

      5 Type valid credentials in the User name, and Password and Confirm password fields.

      If you want these entries to be the default for future deployments, select Remember my credentials for future deployments.

      6 If you do not want the defaults, enter appropriate values into the Number of attempts, Retry interval, and Abort after options.

      7 If you want the deployment to use a specific Agent Handler, select it from the drop‑down list. If not, select All Agent Handlers.

      8 Click OK.


      It already goes wrong at the beginning (point 3) only the windows versions are selectatble, not the mac or unix versions, while they are all successfully  imported into the master repository (tried it with V4.6 & V4.8


      How can I deploy the agent to our Mac clients via ePO?

      We need to be able to deploy the agent remotely, due to the fact of many remote (out of the office) users.
      Or is there another remote setup option via secure shell? (we do have ssh access to our Mac users)




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          Which version of ePO are you using ?

          ePO 4.6 is required as a minimum per McAfee support article KB73109

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            Thx rackroyd, that clarifies a lot, we're still running epo 4.5.
            ePO 5.0 is on our roadmap.


            But can I deploy in in the meanwhile via a remote ssh session?

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              In essence, yes. But you do need to be root.


              The details are in the  MA 4.6 product guide, and come down to this:

              1 Copy the install.sh file from the ePO server file system to the target systems.  For example, if checked in to the Current branch of the McAfee ePO software repository, for MAC the path on the ePO server of the required files is:

              C:\Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\DB\Software\Current\EPOAGENT3700MACX\Install\0409


              3 Open Terminal (or in your case ssh), then switch to the location where you copied the install.sh file.

              4 Run these commands, giving root credentials when requested:

              sudo chmod +x install.sh
              sudo ./install.sh -i


              If you've got a lot of them to install, it's much easier to do the deployment after ePO upgrade.

              Separately, please note that ePO 4.5 reached end of life Dec 31st 2013. I'd strongly recommend you get ePO upgraded before then to maintain a supported status.

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                Thx again, you're certainly bringing me closer to the solution.


                That only leaves me the question on how to get the "install.sh" file from windows to the mac.


                I tried with the "scp" copy command via ssh but it seams to have dificulties with UNC paths (\\epoRepository\Current\EPOAGENT3700MACX\Install\0409)



                After some googling I bumped into an article explaining to use "smb:" to access UNC shares
                open smb:\\epoRepository\Current\EPOAGENT3700MACX\Install\0409

                but this results into a popup window on the mac requesting for an account with permissions to that path (while the ssh session is started with an account with permissions?)

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                  It's more in the realms of the OS & network than McAfee software so it's hard for me to comment on what is best there. One suggestion might be you host and copy the install.sh to an internal ftp site ?

                  There's plenty of free small ftp servers for Windows and/or mac i'm sure.


                  Just a thought. Your company security rules will also dictate what can & can't be allowed in this respect.

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                    FYI: Succeeded in copying & installing the agent remotely

                    I've used the securecopy  tool from putty pscp.exe to copy the install file.

                    The rest was done via ssh using the manual install instructions.