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    ePO 4.6.6: Primary Key in dbo.OrionLdapCache




      due to a fresh Server install (Testenvirnoment only) it is obvious to check at every main stage Logfiles and so I came across this:


      "2013-09-02 15:44:22,227 ERROR [Thread-54] internal.LdapCacheMapper  - java.sql.SQLException: Verletzung der PRIMARY KEY-Einschränkung "PK_LDAP_CACHE". Ein doppelter Schlüssel kann in das Objekt "dbo.OrionLdapCache" nicht eingefügt werden. Der doppelte Schlüsselwert ist (DOMAIN1, JustAName1)."


      I deleted the LDAP-Server within the ePO and cross checked the Database and rebooted the server. But then the other Domain was mentioned with the same error message. At the moment I decided to live with this but before opening a SR I would like to ask, if anyone of you came across this and can explan it to me?

      If I register LDAP-Server 1, this one came up with the error message. If I register the second LDAP-Server it is this one which came up with this message. If I Delete the LDAP-Server which is named in the error message the other one will named in this message...I really don´t get a clue.




      Windows Server 2008 R2 standard with SP1 64bit

      Windows SQL Server 2008 64bit

      ePolicy Orchestrator 4.6.6


      It is just the basic installation. There is no product beyond the vanilla install checked in at the repository. Only thing I did is to install the certificate for using the software Manager within the ePolicy Orchestrator.


      Managed Domains/ Systems within the Domains: two Domains with trust to each other/ Overall Systems at round about 100