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    DLP Policy inaccessible




      I have an issue with gaining access to the DLP Policy area within the ePO console. I am able to access the Monitor area without an issue.


      I was able to access this area around 10 days ago while researching a different problem. There have been no McAfee-specific updates, but the latest MS updates were applied to both WS and Server.


      On a management workstation (Win7, IE8) I see only this:



      On the server (2008R2), I see the below message, then an endless "Please wait while McAfee DLP Policy Manager is loading..."


      I have extracted and manually rerun the DLPManagementTools.exe on both workstation and server and have rebooted both, but the problem persists. The popup blocker is disabled.


      I am running ePO 4.6.6 and DLP

      I recently upgraded from ePO 4.5.5 to 4.6.6, but I have been able to access the Policy Manager after this update without an issue until around 10 days ago.


      If something is indeed wrong with the license as the popup suggests (even though I never entered a license since it comes with the product install file I used), then how would I add it if I can't get in to the Policy area in the first place?


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.




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          In the DLP monitor under Tools -> Options


          What happens when you check the WCF connection?

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            I also had this problem, try it in IE, was not working with me in Firefox.

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              Tristan and Minion,


              Thanks for your responses. I was able to get to the Policy area after checking "Compatibility" mode in IE on the server. The management WS still displays the same issues, both in IE and Chrome, but at least I am able to get to the policy area at all.


              I haven't checked into whether there was an IE update in the last few weeks, but that is my only guess at the moment as far as to why access suddenly stopped working through regular means.


              Anyway, my solution is to use Compatibility Mode, at least in IE10, and I am still researching what to set in IE8 or 9, or Chrome, on the WS in order to regain access. The error message seen above is what really threw me off. It is anything but obvious that the inability to access the policy area is due to an IE issue.


              Thanks again,