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    Mcafee virus and spyware protection turned off while updating


      ok so the title may not be clear but let me explain (i'm running 64-bit windows 8)

      i'm using Mcafee Internet Security given to me by my internet provider. it's been a few months since i had mcafee and i had no problems whatsoever until today.

      i was manually updating my mcafee internet security like i usually do everyday. i was downloading the update then it showed me a message to close the interface so i can install the update, and so i closed the window. as i was waiting for the update to be finished, the message didn't pop up saying that it finished installing. i found that to be weird so i went to the action center and found out my virus and spyware protection has been turned off and instead windows defender is on. i restarted my laptop but when i opened up my action center windows defender was still there and still is. i ran a full scan with mcafee and it detected no virus.



      my question is if there is a way to fix this. thanks in advance

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