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    transfer system




           I have upgrade from ePO 4.5.6 to ePO 5.0.1, right I have setup ePO 5.0.1 ready. I need to transfer old Mcafee Agent to new system. I use registered server to do it, when enable transfer system option. I got follow messeg: "Master agent-server key(s) must be imported into the remote server prior to importing the sitelist. Go to Server Settings to export security keys from this server. Note that visiting this link now will cause you to lose any unsaved changes to this registered server." I have put old ePO server and McAfee Agent both keys into new ePO system.

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          make the same on the old epo

          import all keys from the new epo


          ignore the error message of missmutching epo version

          then it works

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            Hi Tony,


            Please follow the step by step procedure to transfer agent from one eppo to another as below.


            How to Transfer/Move computers from one ePO server to another


            Environment: McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 5.x, 4.6, 4.5



            The following is the ePO Server identification for the computer transfer example below:


                Server A = Old ePO 4. x /5.x

                Server B = New ePO 5. x


            In the following steps, we will transfer managed computers from Server A to Server B.


                Export the security keys from Server B and import to Server A.

                NOTE: Only ASCI keys are required. Only two keys need to be exported and imported, 2048 and 1024.


                    Log on to the ePO 5.x console.


                    Click Menu, Configuration, Server Settings.

                    Click Security Keys under Setting Categories column and click Edit on right pane at bottom of page.

                    Do the following steps for both of the 2048 bits and 1024 bits keys listed under the Agent-server secure communication keys:

                        Click the key identified as 2048 bits and click Export.

                        Click OK to the export key confirmation message.

                        Click Save, enter or browse to a path to save the security key .ZIP file to and click Save again.


                    Export: Open the EPO 5. x console ==Menu = Server settings == Security keys == Edit == click on export by highlight the key ( 2048) and then same steps for 1024 keys.


                    Import: Open the EPO 4.6 console == Menu == Configuration == Server settings == Security Keys == Edit == Click on import and browse the zip file of the keys exported from EPO B.C..


                Once the keys export and import process completed, register the Server B (ePO 5. x) in to Server A (ePO 4. x).

                    From Server A, log on to the ePO 4.x console

                    Click Menu, Configuration, Registered Servers.

                    Click New server = Select EPO = Name it == Next == Type the credentials to reach the server B (EPO DB) = and click on test connection ( If it is successful) scroll down ==

                    >> Enable the systems Transfer with " Automatic sitelist "  and then save.


                Once the keys import and ePO registered.

                >> The Server A allows to select the option for transfer.


                Open the system tree - select machine for transfer == Actions == Agent = Transfer Agents = Select the Server B (ePO 5. x) and okay to transfer.


                NOTE: Make sure, the selected machine is communicating to Server A ePO before transfer.


                Check the status of transfer computers after 2 ASCI triggers.


                Once the process completed you will see the agent listed from Server B (ePO 5. x ) and from Server A system tree it will disappear.


                >> For confirmation, send the wake up call from Server B (ePO 5. x ) and then confirm computer is communicating.


            Follow the steps and share a update, if you find issues.


            >> Attached the document with screenshots for the steps to perform.





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              Hi rgc


                   Thanks for help, I will try it.