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    Automatically place New Systems into subgroup




      Currently we install the McAfee Agent via 3rd party script. I would like to have the newly added systems put into a subgroup in the system tree but I can't figure out how to do that. Currently all new systems are placed into "My Organization" in the system tree.


      Is there a way to do this?

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          The easiest way I can think to do it is to utilize the Custom 1, Custom 2, etc... computer properties.  You can add a unique value to the registry as part of your install script.  Then when a system checks-in to ePO with that value, you can tag the system and sort it to wherever you need to.





          Hope this helps.






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            There isn't an easier way to do this? I would think there would be a way to automatically move new systems into a certain group.

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              Possibly.  My answer is based on the info I had at the time.  It is easy and can be automated.


              What are you attempting to do with the systems once you get the new ones moved to the alternate location?






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                Hi Guys

                I dont know whether you have looked at this but I use Tagging to sort my clients. My Tags are run against the computer name of machines, I can then link the Tags to the Sub Directory..


                The Tags are run every hour and this automatically moves my clients in to the correct groups...


                Simples! Hope this helps...



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                  thanks for the info guys. Let me elaborate on my situation.


                  Currently we have one OU for computers that every computer in our organization gets dumped into. Only our laptops get the McAfee Agent installed (via a script in our image) because we use ePO for the Endpoint Encryption. I use tags to verify if its a laptop and then if so install EEPC. However with them all being in the same systemtree group in ePO when I create a new task to do something like push out a new version it actually sends the task to all the computers in our organization. I would love to not have that happen!


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                    I know I can use Sorting Criteria in the Group Details but how do I make sure new systems go into that group?


                    Or am I looking at this the wrong way? Do other organizations do it like my organization (where all systems fall under the "My Organization")? If so, how do you create tasks to install separate versions of EEPC or other software without changing the current versions on the client machines?

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                      I like to use server tasks to move machines to proper second level groups (ePO groups named for our domains) then from there, they can sort to subgroups based on IP ranges, tags or whatnot.  Server task just looks for things in the global lost and found.  My domain tags apply based on domain membership, and the per-domain tasks haul them out to the proper group.  Could go further with group criteria to sort servers/workstations as well.

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                        We sync with AD 2x day, so systems end up in right OU. The root of AD is a level below my organization. Agent is pushed from AD startup script. Only way to do it with large numbers of devices...


                        For yoru specific issue, I would create a laptop tag base on system name naming conventions or "is laptop" field, then assign the client task that way. If the property you are looking for is not in the basic properties for tags, create a query to identify the devices and run a server task (every hour?) to assign the tag and wake up the devices (if required) to apply the task based on the tag.


                        You can elaborate pretty compelx workflows with tags if you have the patience an the time to wait...