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    new site advisor (3.5 patch 2) same old problems


      Anyone else tried the new patch 2 for site advisor 3.5?


      IE9 prompts the end users 'did you want to install this extension' and chrome asks once when you click on menu that a third party has isntalled this extension did you want to enable or remove, ignoring it removes the extension.


      We are finding as we build new machines site advisor activates less and less functionality. At this rate there really is no point to be installing it apart from blocking unsupported browsers.


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          I have tested with IE10, Firefox 23.01 and chrome 29.0.1547.62 m.  The only problem I had was with Chrome,  the extension was installed automatically but was not enabled by default.  none of the other problems you mentioned occurred for me.

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            thanks for responding, maybe something in my environment is causing issues, will keep searching and talking to support.

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              For me, only firefox appears to be solid.  There are some quirks in IE10, had to hide the button in the title as interacting with it caused some issues.  As for chrome 30, in all cases, we're having to manually enable it after installs, after that, in some cases works great.  Other cases the extension dissapears and trying to re-install results in a fail, have to remove, re-install.


              We've been waiting almost a year for different issues to get worked out with SEA before deploying, seems like SEA isn't a priority for mcafee.

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                Dear McAfee customer,

                         It is unfortunate that McAfee did not live upto your expectations in SAE front but I can assure you that we are working on some critical aspects, which include:


                1. Supporting Chrome & FF Enterprise/Business versions so that:

                      a) Enabling plugins without user intervention can be made possible through GPO

                      b) Enabling/modifying related policies like InPrivate browsing through GPO


                2. In addition to these, we also intend to add support for the following:

                      a) Enhanced Protection Mode in IE10 & above

                      b) Metro UI mode in Windows 8 & above


                SAE is a critical component of McAfee endpoint security and hence is certainly a priority for McAfee.