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    Keeping Multi-Platform traffic in the VMWare cluster?


      I assume that it is wise to keep MOVE agents pointing to an offload server that resides in the same VMWare cluster?

      I've read the deployment guide but I just don't find it clear enough on how to achieve this. Can anyone clarify?

      How do I configure ePO to configure each VM for its 'local' offload server IP?




      It's a shame that the ePO doesn't interface with the vCenter so that policies can be created based on the actualy topology defined within vCenter.

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          So no-one has any ideas on this?? I need to know how to configure "MOVE for virtual servers" so that VMs are (preferrably) automatically poiting at the 'correct' local MOVE offload servers

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            This can easily be achieved by using doing the following:

            - create seperate policies for each offload server

            - use tags to load balance your endpoints (e.g. create tags for offload-svr-1, offload-svr-2, etc.)

            - add scan items to each offload server policy (this is a redundant necessary process, but once completed on one offload server teh policy can be exported and imported to the next policy)

            - tag endpoints (e.g. if you have 200 endpoints, tag 50% to offload-svr-1 & 50% to offload-svr-2)

            - create policy assignment rules for each offload server and use the tag criteria to  point to the respective tags. Don't forget to point to the specific system tree criteria where the endpoints are located (.e.g. tag criteria will include: has tag offload-svr-1 for one policy assignment and the next policy assignment will have: has tag offload-svr-2, and so on - depending on how many offload servers you have in your organization)


            This setup should work and will help with load balancing. Additionally, you should have you offload servers working in pairs, that is one server configured as backup for another, just is case one goes offline.


            I trust this is helpful.


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              McAfee recently released a new ePO extension (Data Center Connector v3.0 for vSphere) to integrate with vSphere and provide the same view in System Tree.


              Please try and let us know if it meets your needs. Do raise a PER if you need additional functionality.