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    Please help me about configuring Email-Server in NSM 7.5 !!!!

    Tuan Doan

      Hi everyone !!!

      I must configure email-server in Network Security Manager 7.5 , in order to send report automatically to me every week. But when, i configure email-server , my customer doesn't use smtp mail server, sothat i must use smpt server of gmail, but when, I " test connection " , NSM alert that :


      E-mail Server connection failed, please look into the Status Page for the exact reason


      I try many different SMTP servers, but NSM always alert that . I capture packet in my Firewall Internet, i don't see any packets from NSM to internet .

      Sothat, i think NSM doesn't send any traffic SMTP to internet to sending email.

      Anyone got experience , please help me. Thank alot.


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          Tuan Doan

          I have solved this problem.Sothat, if anyone got the same trouble like this, when you clicking " Testing" and got alert " Email Sever connection failed " you could think about That maybe sever which is running NSM is not allowed to send TCP/25 .

          You can try by this :

          CMD -- telnet ip_smtp_server 25.

          If this screen is black and some informations display-- that mean everything is correct.Try again in NSM web page


          If this screen is alert by not connect .... That may be firewall or Antivirus deny to send mail.

          My case is Mcafee antivirus deny to send mail with NSM.


          hope anyone can solve this problem like this