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    Scanning Progress shows "Scanning: Rootkit" AV Plus Crashes + indiscreet Pop-Up upon Internet Connection

      Don't know when this 'new' functionality update took place. I've read in other discussions that this is normal(?) behavior and implies the scanner is currently checking for RootKits.

      I was not seeing this in quick scans only Full scans. Also I don't see it occur during full scan in safe mode.

      Can we get some 'Official' verification on this  - like from a tech rather than a volunteer or guest.


      I kept seeing the 'Scanning: Rootkit' in scan progress during a full scan in normal mode. I did not sit and watch until the crash but at least one of the scans made it to about 46% complete (last looked at) before crashing. On several occasions I had started the on-demand (I don't do auto scans or updates) full scan and walked away (or went to sleep) expecting the scan to be completed.

      But the scans were not completing (or showing as even having been initiated in the scan log (security history).

      After these occurances I watched the scan progress more closely which is when I noticed 'Scanning: Rootkit' intermittently and for various lengths of time in between scanning normal files as usual. 


      Since I was unable to have a full scan complete I proceeded with a complete uninstall /reinstall (to include using MCPR to clean-up).

      I went through the uninstall / reinstall process 3 times before finally being able to complete a Full on-demand scan.


      I'd really like to see an official statement that "Scanning: RootKit" in scan progress is new functionality and in fact means  (scanning for rootkit(s).

      Also, why when I watch the scan progress while doing a full on-demand scan in Safe Mode do I not see this 'new' functionality at all.



      I've also noticed an additional (hopefully unrelated problem).

      As soon as I initiate an internet connection a Mcafee Ad pops up asking If I'd like to install on all the unprotected systems on "My Home Network" and it gives a list of all the unprotected computers by name.

      The PROBLEM is I'm always only on a PUBLIC NETWORK (which is NOT trusted in "My Home Network) and is in fact listed as PUBLIC in the firewall under "My Internet Connections".

      Since it is a PUBLIC network with hundreds of "UN (Mcafee) PROTECTED" systems I should not see those computer (names) nor should they see my system since I have the

      Stealth setting invoked.