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    Connections With DB




      I had to change SA password and now the EPO Server can´t connect with DB.  How Can I change sa in Epo Configuration?




      Leonardo Souza


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          Not knowing your ePO version, but assuming 4.6.0 as it's the most frequent used presently - This is covered in the ePO product guide under the section "Changing SQL Server information"

          Extract follows below:



          You can use the web page at https://servername:port/core/config to adjust any database configuration file information that used to be done with the Cfgnaims.exe file.


          Things to know about this page:
          • Authentication — If the database is up, this page uses normal McAfee ePO user authentication and only a global administrator can access it. If the database is down, a connection is required from the system running the SQL server.
          • The McAfee ePO server must be restarted for any configuration changes to take effect.
          • As a last resort, you might edit the configuration file (<ePO installation directory>server\conf\orion\db.properties) by hand, put in the plaintext password, start the server, then use the config page to re-edit the db config, which stores the encrypted version of the passphrase.


          1 Log on to ePolicy Orchestrator with global administrator credentials.
          2 Type the following URL in the browser's address field. https://servername:port/core/config
          3 On the Configure Database Settings page, change the credentials or SQL Server information, as needed.
          4 Click OK when done.
          5 Restart the system or ePolicy Orchestrator services to apply the changes.


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            Thanks for your help.