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    Authentication window pops up in browser - Proxy HA




      We just migrated to MWG I have been facing two issues.


      1) In IE, the users occassionally get the authentication pop up. They can continue to access the site after entering the prompt.

      2) I have noticed in some cases, eg nessus registration, the registration fails giving a CONNECT error., rule tracing shows that it stops at AD authentication. Upon skipping the AD authentication the registration becomes successful.

      The same issue used to occur when I access a proofpoint link (https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v1/url?u= "some site") which is opened in a IE from outlook, its takes a long time to load. If I click enter on the link in the browser is loads immediately. After bypassing AD authentication for the link, the site now opens without any problems.


      I am using the below guide for the Proxy HA.




      Thanks in advance.


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