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    How to block Facebook.com but allow Facebook.com/xyz

    Evandro Rodrigues

      Hello All!


      I need some help to do the following rule:


      I have a blocklist that includes "Social Networking", and then, www.facebook.com is blocked. Ok, that is working fine!

      This rule is inside Global Blocklist:




      But i need to allow an specifc Facebook Page, that is www.facebook.com/xyz (where xyz is a customer webpage).

      I´ve tried to insert a rule inside "Global Whitelist" with "URL.Path matches /xyz" or " URL.Host equals www.facebook.com AND URL.Path matches /xyz", and some other options, always with "STOP CYCLE", but none of them worked. I always get blocked by "Global Blocklist" (The last Rule Set).


      Wich is the right way to do this?