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    Firewall: DNS Blocking




      Anyone knows how work Firewall: DNS Blocking?


      I tried to put facebook to block, but it did´t work.





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          Kary Tankink

          facebook.com will only block when a browser actually goes to facebook.com.  It will not work for www.facebook.com.


          *.facebook.com will block when a browser goes to <anything>.facebook.com, but will not work if you just type in facebook.com.


          *facebook.com will work for both <anything>.facebook.com and facebook.com, but could also block other *facebook.com websites (if applicable, e.g., www.mcafeefacebook.com).



          DNS Blocking only works if the Windows system performs the DNS lookup itself; it does not work when a browser is set to proxy to a server, since the proxy server would do the DNS resolution.