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    DLp Install Failure - DATALOSS2000 installation failed


      Hi all,

               we're currently pushing out DLP 9.2 to the clients in our environment via the ePO console. Although it has worked on a handful of machines, the vast majority of DLP pushes return the following message in the Server Task Log:  


      Sent Run now task "Deploy DLP" to "Machine123"


      If you log on to the client machine after recieving this message, the DLP icon does not appear in the system tray which seems to confirm the install has failed.


      The odd thing is that the same client machine, DLP has appeared in Add/Remove Programs and a DLP folder has been created the in the McAfee directory (C:\Program Files\McAfee\DLP). Furthermore, if you check the 'products installed' for the client machine on the ePO server then you get the following info:



      Can anyone suggest any reason as to why the install appears to half-work but ultimately fail? Are there any logs that are worth checking out to help get to the root of the issue?


      Any help would be much appreciated since i'm relatively new to McAfee.