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    MVM 7.5 Shell Compliance Scans


      Hi List,


      I am doing a compliance scan on AIX, SuSe, Red Hat servers


      In my scan policy I have enabled checks for all 3 platforms


      I expected that the scan results would give me results passed/failed for checks applicable to the platform only


      But no, MVM returns me status for ALL checks I had defined in my scan configs and worst put the status of the check as PASSED!!


      The FASL script clearly says that the check is not applicable for the OS, but still gives the results in the report:


      Vulnerability Name

      FASL Output

      Compliance Status

      IBM AIX User Password histsize Configuration Existence

      ErrorCode|4003~ErrorText|OS mismatch~Context|Targeted system not running expected OS; processing for this check was stopped.




      Has anyone encountered this issue? and is this normal?