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    Progress page

    Odai zZ

      Hi all,



      why Progress page dose not appear always,, (i.e. sometimes it appears when downloading a file..and sometimes it does not !!  )


      is that related to file type or to the web site itself ?!

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          the Progress Page will only be displayed if the associated Event is executed for this request and retrieving the file takes longer than a few (I think 5) seconds. If the Progress Page does not show up there are a few reasons:


          - User-Agent is not recognized (Event is not triggered, MWG will do data trickling instead)

          - The file was too small to trigger progress pages

          - MWG does not "need" the complete file due to whitelisting of AV or other filters. In this case MWG will not wait for the complete file (and show progress pages for the user), but instantly forward the downloaded object


          Questions for you should be:


          - Am I using a real browser for downloading the file? If not the User-Agent might not match and MWG will not show Progress Pages

          - Is the download which does not trigger Progress Pages downloaded with full-speed? In this case MWG does not wait for the complete file, probably due to whitelisting of filters.

          - Is the download coming with very slow speed? In this case MWG uses Data Trickling. This could again be an indicator for a wrong User-Agent or the appropriate rule is not triggered

          - Does the browser "stall" until the download starts? In this case MWG is getting the complete file but due to not-executed Progress Indication rule sets no Progress Indication takes place.




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            Odai zZ

            thnx Andre,, I've got it