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      I am using McAfee Internet Security on my Lenovo K410 with Windows 8 64 bit. When I run the virus scan version 15.6 I get a Quarantined Potentially Unwanted Program alert that reads PUP-FBI!21658FDD6647.I then click the Quarantine All tab and I get an error that reads Not All Issues Were Resolved and below the error it reads Unable To Delete. I then click the Done tab and then I click the Quarantined And Trusted Items menu and then I click the Potentially Unwanted Programs menu. When I click the Delete tab this program is removed from Quarantined Potentially Unwanted Programs but when I rerun the virus scan the PUP shows up again. I then clicked the Send To McAfee tab but I get an error popup that reads Send Failed. Does anyone have any ideas?


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          A PUP or Potentially Unwanted Program is not a virus, trojan or worm, it's simply something that the database has on record that might cause problems so it suggests you remove it.  Normally you can tell the software to ignore it in future, should you wish to do so.  Does it give a path to the detection?  If not in the Quarantined and Trusted area try Security History in Navigation.   Takes a while to load and you can alter the parameters just to show detections over a certain period.   Click the arrow on the left to expand the section.


          By locating the PUP you may be able to identify it and decide whether to delete it from it's normal location once restored (or uninstalkl it, if it's an installed programme).








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            The file affected is C:\Users\me\AppData\Roaming\mspbde-40L.exe

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              Well you could restore it and then use GetSusp (see the last link in my signature below) to submit it to McAfee Labs for analysis.  Note that GetSusp scans for all questionable entities and submits them and you can obtain the verdict by email if you enter your email in the settings.


              Alternatively you could run a DDS or Hijackthis scan as instructed lower down that link, and submit the log to one of the recommended forums for analysis and advice.

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                I downloaded and ran the GetSusp scan and the same PUP showed up and I clicked the Remove tab and ran both scans again to see if it would show up again and it did. I am waiting for an email from McAfee for the analysis.

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                  I would run a scan using Malwarebytes Free,.  I would also run AdwCleaner & Junkware Removal Tool just in case.  All found in the last link in my signature below


                  If that doesn't clean it then follow the Hijackthis suggestion lower down that link.

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                    Malwarebytes did the trick. I reran both McAfee scans and the PUP did not show up. I still have not recieved an email from McAfee about the lab analysis. THANK YOU!

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                      The lab takes a while to come through as they are so busy.  Glad it's OK now.

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                        Boot your machine in Safe Mode with Networking. Once the machine is up, run a FULL SCAN.