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    system.move using wget and EPO 4.8 - Moving a computer to another system location


      Hello All,


      I'm probably being really really dumb, but I've reached the end of my own ability to try and determine what i'm doing wrong.


      I'm using wget and the system.move command to try and move a computer into a group in the system tree. I have identified the ID of the group using the system.findGroups command, and am usnig the name of the computer as the name.


      When I submit the command, I recieve the response "OK: true", however the machine has not moved.


      The command doesn't appear to validate if the computer name is real, as entering in a made up name results in the same, and it also does not appear to check the group ids.


      For reference (with omissions) here is the command I am using:


      wget -q -O - --no-check-certificate --user=THISISMYUSER --password=THISISMYPASSWORD https://SERVERNAME:SERVERPORT/remote/system.find?searchText=COMPUTERNAME


      I've noticed the commands are case sensitive, i've tried entering in the name of the computer in various ways.


      Thanks in advance for any assistance.