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    Win2k Bluescreens when archive is accessed over NFS Mount


      My client has a large install base of Windows 2000 servers. Service Pack 4

      Viruscan +Anti-Spyware 8.8 engine is a mix of 5400-1158 and 5600-xxxx  both exhibit the same symptons

      with 2 installed patches.


      client has aix and linux servers that access large .gz files that are located on NFS Shares on the Windows 2k servers.

      If I cat the files or access them in any significant way.  The Win2k server will bluescreen with 0e error.


      also attempting to transfer a 300+ iso file across the NFS Share will also bluescreen the server with an 0e error.


      we are migrating the client off of the servers, but it will take some time, any ideas on patches or workarounds that don't involve exclusions or turning off McShield?


      I'll be happy to provide any further details as I can.