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    Redownload IPS sensor device software ?


      Hi folks,

      There was transfer error during download M-1250 device software. I tried Updating / Manual import feature using downloaded .jar firmware file. The problem is, that NSP Manager tells, that file can not be imported as it already exists on system.


      How can I tell NSP Manager to redownload device software even it thinks, it is done already ?






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          The manager downloads software updates into the system path, but also makes a database entry for determining what it has available to push out to the sensors.


          log into myslq  (mysql -uroot -p lf)

          select the file name you downloaded to ensure you have correct syntax:

          select * from iv_updates where file_name'<filename>;

          for example:

          select * from iv_updates where file_name='sensorsw_1250_611154';


          once you can correctly see the path and other entries related to the file you downloaded you can then delete this entry:

          delete from iv_updates where file_name='sensorsw_1250_611154';


          You will also want to delete the file from the path that it shows in the above select statement (<path>\App\temp\ruleEngine\updates\).


          You should then be able to download the file again.


          If you are unsure of the file names, you can log into menshen1.intruvert.com and see the files seperated by version and model.  They will have the same format as my example above, sensorsw_<model>_<version>

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            Thanks gfergus1.

            That is info I was looking for. Give a try.