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    SaaS deletes temp Uninst.exe file


      My company uses Advantig Dual Desk Software for remote connections.  We have been using this for years and have been using McAfee SaaS since the middle of November 2012.  All of a sudden 3 days ago it started deleting the Uninst.exe file in a temporary C:\Program Files\DD20.4.3xxx.xxxx\ folder.  That Uninst.exe is needed to properly close each connection.  If it does not close properly, the next time they try to connect it takes what used to be 20 seconds to connect, now a minute and a half to connect. 


      I cannot add the temp folder to the safe list because it changes with the every connection.  How do I get around this? 


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          Please follow the below step to fix the issue,


          1. Logon to SecurityCenter

          2. Policies | Add Policy (name it as required) | Virus &Spyware Protection | Advanced Settings

          3. Enable the following option 'Enable McAfee Global ThreatIntelligence file reputation service' and change the Sensitivity level to 'Low'

          4. Save the policy and apply it to the problematic computer.

          5. Now do a manual update and then check for the issue.