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    ePO 5.0 build 228 - Problem in verifying updates?




      Today I've received mails from ePO telling me that McAfee Agent got updated.

      But when I update it still keep telling me that are updates to do...




      When I go to check what updates are available, I verified that is on the "previous branch"!




      I ask: The proposal of the previous branch is not to be a backup of the "last working" component in the case of some failure with the update?

      If I'm correct, then why I need to update the previous branch too? ePO wasn't supposed to avoid that information when the components were in previous branch only?


      The other problem I've noticed this week is about the Rogue Sensor.

      Look at the "Available Version" and look at the "Checked In Version":



      If they are the same... how ePO shows me I still need an update?