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    Total Protection - All business computers intruders constantly

      I'm working for a client who has Total Protection (not sure which version, but she's usually pretty up-to-date). She takes her laptop to her small business and every device on her network including IP phones, every computer, etc. pop up one-by-one as intruders. This is obnoxious. I assume these devices poll the network and that's why they would be seen as 'intruders', but it's not acceptable. I'm not very familiar with TP at all and looked at it for a moment hoping to be able to list certain computers as ok for things like pings.


      My goal is to disallow any real connections to this machine from any other devices on the network except that she needs to access her server and the router. I don't want notices that her phones, printers, and other computers are 'intruders'. If someone were to try to access her machine in any meaningful way, it should alert her. I've turned off all Windows file and print sharing and removed her joined HomeGroup.


      So, why in the world does this show all these devices as intruders? And, how do I stop it?