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    Disabled Engine Update - But some systems updated...




      Although the title says it all, the details are as follows.


      A day before McAfee deployed officialy the engine 5600, I disabled on all pull requests and master update, the engine update (de-selecting it). So, no task updates the engine.

      However today I realized *some* systems updated to the engine 5600. Even tho I do not have ftpnai / httpnai enabled to update.


      The "Current" repository, does have the engine 5600, but I have no idea how it updated. So my question at the moment, is; Is there a log where I can check when this task happened or how the engine 5600 was pulled to the master repository ?

      This would be a great help.


      Thank you so much in advance.


      The ePO console is 4.0 (migrating to 4.6.0).

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