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    Decryption time?



      Wondering if anyone can help, I am testing some of our encrypted laptops, I am attempting to decrypt one for the first time using a EETech Boot Disk, it's saying it will take 4465 minutes to decrypt, is that a normal length of time for a decrypt? I was expecting maybe 24 hours but not 3 days, seems a bit excessive. Would it be quicker implementing the decrypt via ePO? (i.e. putting the laptop in a seperate OU with the encryption policy disabled).



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          Yup, affraid so. Some decrypt around 24 hours, some have taken longer than 3 days!

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            Thanks for the reply pierce, as long as that's normal I can live with it, just wanted to check if this was an excessive amount of time incase we are doing something wrong.

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              Sorry just thought of something else, instead of decrypting could we just re-image? We use SCCM to image our laptops, would this still be possible to do with it still encrypted? We only have one primary partition on our laptop set-ups which are being encrypted.

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                Of course, you only use the CD based decryption when there is something on the drive and encryption/OS is broken.

                If you need to decrypt a working machine there is a policy you can apply that will do it as quickly as it encrypted.


                For a machine to be rebuilt our deployment tool just wipes the harddrive and away it goes. as far as its concerned its an unformated drived (because of the encryption)